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Friday, July 22, 2011

MarshFellow Myths

I am currently working on my Greek Mythology line. Here are a few I've already completed.

The Fates


Aphrodite & The Golden Apple


I also plan to add Hermes, Zeus, a Satyr and Poseidon. If there any others you would like to see, leave a comment below!

From the World of MarshFellows


  1. aaaaah these are the cutest!!!! What is it made out of? Not actual marshmallows right? OMg, if at some point you decide to make a Madonna Marshfellow in the future, I would snatch that in a heartbeat! :)

  2. No they're not made from marshmallow. Although I have been considering trying to make an edible line out of actual marshmallow. These are made out of polymer clay that you bake in a conventional oven. I could absolutely make a Madonna MarshFellow! Jst tell me how you'd want her to look. :)