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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lily Love Photography

I have to give credit where it is most definitely due.
I love making MarshFellows and I have faith in my little creations, knowing that each one will find the perfect home. But I can't even dream of that happening without Kristen Ashford.

Kristen is the talented and creative eye behind Lily Love Photography and ranked one the best of the top photographers and photography studios here in Clarksville, TN.

When I have finished MarshFellows, the first thing I do is get in touch with Kristen. I usually meet with her at Mag's Coffee shop downtown.

She comes bearing a smile and her enormous camera bag over one shoulder, while at the same time guiding her daughter, Abi, to a table where she can color or play with her sticker-book.

Now, you should take care to remember that.

Kristen has the responsibility of minding her energetic four-year-old in a usually crowded coffee shop, while arranging and shooting pictures.

But to see her work, you'd think she had all the attention and focus in the world.

Every photograph she has ever taken for me has been perfect. She takes care to remember the tiny details and I am always more than satisfied with the finished product.

Of course, this isn't the normal way in which Kristen works. But that's the point, she goes above and beyond the duty of a photographer and always presents beautiful results.

To contact Kristen or to see more of her work follow the links below:




~From the World of MarshFellows

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  1. How did I never see this blog post before?! :D
    Your kind words made me tear up a little! Thank you so much, Autumn! I <3 Marshfellows and I <3 you!